nextScan Special Offers

Domestic (USA only) nextScan 2013 Special Offers

For FlexScan 400 3–in–1 Roll Film and Fiche/Aperture Card Scanner

Instant upgrade from a regular fiche module to a jumbo fiche module with the purchase of a FlexScan 400 2–in–1 film and fiche scanner! Scans 400 images per minute on roll film and 190 images per minute with on fiche. The jumbo fiche module provides enhanced capabilities for processing over–sized fiche and aperture cards, in addition to standard formats, allowing you enhanced scanning capabilities at no additional cost.

A $2000 value!

Existing Customers:

Upgrade from a fiber optic light source in your scanner to nextScan’s exclusive LuminTec™ LED–based illumination source. LuminTec provides enhanced image quality with less power consumption. Get the edge you need for scanning degraded film and fiche images and achieve the best resulting image with the addition of LuminTec. With LuminTec, you get the best of all worlds: Get the best image quality, extend by 50 times the life of your illumination system, and reduce significantly the power consumption and heat generated by your system.

To view a white paper on LuminTec technology, click here

Special Pricing – a $1200 savings!*

*Factory upgrade, customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Some units may not be eligible for upgrade – to be determined upon review of unit.

Special offers available through December 31, 2013. Available for systems deployed in the US only.

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