Virtual Film




Virtual Film is an add-on software product that adds additional functionality to our NextStarPlus software and the Ribbon Storage Device, or RSD.  The RSD is typically used to temporarily store captured rolls of film while they are processed through the NextStar workflow steps of Q/C and ultimately file output.  With the addition of the virtual film module, the RSD becomes a long term microfilm archive with indexing capability, image editing capability, and the ability to export images in a variety of ways and file formats.

The Virtual film archive can be accessed at any Windows PC, desktop or laptop computer with the viewing license.  The archive is secure and the digital film ribbons cannot be viewed without proper user credentials/authorization.  The images in the ribbon are stored in the full 8-bit grayscale format at the time of capture so all the original data is available for editing.

The cost is far lower than any other film archiving method. At a minimum, film is indexed by the label on the box of film or title bar on fiche, and retrieved in a similar fashion to using a conventional Microfilm Reader/Printer, with the added convenience and efficiency of interacting with a digital archive instead of the physical media.  If there is an electronic index to the film it can be imported or if the film is blipped, that can be automatically added to the index.  Individual images or documents do not need frame detection or indexing. Within the Virtual Film environment, individual images can be Saved to disk, Emailed or Printed.

Virtual film is a very economical way to store your archive of film.  Since the original data captured by the camera is stored in the digital ribbon, creating an exact ‘digital duplicate’ there is no need for any processing such as identifying/segmenting images, or adjusting image quality to lighten/darken text etc.  All traditional Q/C steps can be done instead at time of demand.  Why adjust every image when only a few will be accessed? Virtual Film allows you to simply capture the roll and store it until needed.  It is that simple.  Many organizations are even scanning only when there is a request for an image from a roll. This eliminates the labor cost of scanning from the conversion process.

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Virtual Film by nextScan allows Canyon County, (IDAHO) easy access to Court and Land Title records…

“Improved Efficiency, Reduced Labor Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction along with long term critical document preservation are just some of the benefits that this project has brought to our County Records Management Department and County Land Title Records”
Lorraine Hunter, Canyon County (IDAHO) Records Management Supervisor

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