Virtual Film




virtual-film-iconVirtual Film is a method for inexpensively converting Microfilm to a digital format that can be viewed at any PC workstation, desktop or laptop computer. The cost is far lower than any other method of film scanning. Film is indexed by the label on the box of film or title bar on fiche, and retrieved similar to using a conventional Microfilm Reader/Printer. Individual images or documents do not necessarily need frame detection or indexing. Within the Virtual Film environment, individual images can be Output, Emailed or Printed. Virtual Film can also be a stepping stone to a full scale conversion, whereby the image is preserved now by converting to a digital format, and can later be output to any document management system, while having digital access to your film.

nextScan’s innovative software offers low cost alternatives to traditional scanning methods, all while having unique features that are not available with any other vendor in the industry.. - GET Imaging, Inc.


Virtual Film by nextScan allows Canyon County, (IDAHO) easy access to Court and Land Title records…

“Improved Efficiency, Reduced Labor Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction along with long term critical document preservation are just some of the benefits that this project has brought to our County Records Management Department and County Land Title Records”
Lorraine Hunter, Canyon County (IDAHO) Records Management Supervisor

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