Headquartered in picturesque Meridian, Idaho, USA, are nextScan’s corporate office, manufacturing, customer support and R&D facility. nextScan also has a satellite support center in Dallas, Texas.

nextScan‘s international footprint has expanded dramatically since the company was founded in 2002.   The company has developed business alliances and re-sellers worldwide to support our expanding customer needs.

nextScan’s lead engineers and management staff have over 100 years of combined Micrographics Development experience.  This collection of individuals at nextScan developed most of the Microfilm Industry standards such as… Ribbon Scanning technology, NDNP Development, Image Processing Algorithms and Workflow techniques for film.  Patents for Lumintech (light line strobe technology), and the Eclipse Transport all have the names of nextScan engineers on them!  At nextScan, we are proud to bring you the next generation of High-Performance Scanners and Software Solutions.


nextScan Group Photo Microfilm Scanners


Rich Chaney
VP and General Manager


Doreen Breish
Director of Sales
(208) 514-4000

West Coast Sales

Roger Noel
Western Regional Manager
(208) 514-4000

East Coast Sales

Neil Milkowski
Eastern Regional Manager
(715) 570-5117

(208) 514-4000


Joshua Hill
Plant Controller
(208) 514-4000


Matt Anderson
Vice President of Marketing
(847) 501-3344