Customer Testimonials

  • Toya Dubin, President Hudson Archival

    "The nextScan FlexScan and Eclipse scanners provide excellent resolution and seamlessly integrated software. The fine controls in the FlexScan ensure that even the most difficult scanning projects can provide highly detailed images."

  • Greg Regens, President GET Imaging

    “GET Imaging has specialized in providing high-volume microfilm, microfiche and aperture card conversion services since 1998. We have converted billions of microform images for Federal, State and local government offices, as well as commercial clients. GET Imaging has won and successfully performed several of the largest document conversion projects ever awarded within the Service Bureau industry. For example, we are currently converting approximately 3 billion images, stored on 200,000 rolls of 16mm microfilm, for the US Department of Treasury in a yearlong project.

    GET Imaging’s long term relationship with nextScan has been integral to our success. We have discovered that nextScan products and services are a key component to the successful implementation of most of our largest projects. nextScan scanners have proven to offer fast speeds and unsurpassed image quality in a high volume production setting. nextScan’s innovative software offers low cost alternatives to traditional scanning methods, all while having unique features that are not available with any other vendor in the industry.

    nextScan’s management team has been responsive to the needs of GET Imaging and our customer base. nextScan also has a team of highly qualified in-house engineers and developers and they have been instrumental in assisting our company with custom software and workflow requests for our clients. It’s been a pleasure working with the professionals at nextScan”

  • Michael Pascoe, W & F Pasco Ltd.

    “We have found the nextScan scanners to be robust, durable and easy to use and clean.”

  • Rose Holley, Australian Newspapers Digitization Program Manager

    “The use of high quality nextScan hardware and software has allowed us to achieve our short term goals, and has laid the foundation for completion of our long term goals.”

  • Bowman Enterprizes

    “We were using another scanner for our film and fiche conversion, but it was really slow, not user friendly, and not up to the quality standards needed – the setup could take hours to get right. There were even some instances where the scanner could not process at all the poor image quality that came on some of these rolls to be scanned. Not being equipped to process any job is simply not an option. We decided it was time to evaluate the available equipment in the marketplace and we ultimately chose nextScan.”

  • Stan Bowling, Content Operations Supervisor, ProQuest LLC

    "I am hands-on with nextScan scanners and software every day. The upgrade to NextStarPLUS was so simple. nextScan engineers worked alongside our team on training and installation to ensure that the transition was seamless. We haven’t needed much help since then as the training was so thorough. We’re happy and our customers are happy. With the addition of NextStarPLUS and the ability to get existing jobs done more quickly, we are now able to take on more work which is a huge benefit for ProQuest and our employees."

  • Jim Szatkowski, P.E., Deputy Director, Idaho Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

    "You would be hard-pressed to find a more competitive product. Our records were scanned in a few days. The image quality was very good and the new system is very straightforward and fast."

  • Jonathan LePage, Director, Microform Imaging

    "The Eclipse scanner, combined with the NextStar Workflow Software provided optimum speed and significantly reduced conversion costs by minimizing operator setup and QA, all while eliminating the need for rescans. All image data was captured initially in grayscale as a “Ribbon”, so image enhancements were performed at the audit workstation, enabling optimum scan and processing time and speed, ultimately resulting in great quality of output and accuracy of the overall process. These capabilities proved essential to allow Microform Imaging to complete the job successfully at the Register Office in time and within budget."

  • Darrin King, Director of Conversion Services, Prescient

    "I like the idea that the same company that manufactures the scanner and develops the software provides the direct support. This gives me a great level of comfort with my choice to go with nextScan. As a result of incorporating nextScan’s technology in to our business, our customers are seeing even better quality job results, we are able to easily and quickly cost justify the purchase through the ability to now take on more jobs based on better speeds and QA capabilities, and we got to get rid of two of our older scanners!"

  • Lorrain Hunter, Records Management Supervisor, Canyon County ID

    "Improved Efficiency, Reduced Labor Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction along with long term critical document preservation are just some of the benefits that this project has brought to our County Records Management Department and County Land Title Records"