Microfilm Conversion Scanners

nextScan is the micrographics technology leader in microfilm scanning and microfiche scanning equipment, software and accessories. Microfilm conversion and microfiche conversion are highly technical processes of taking rollfilm or microfiche and converting the film to a digital format. nextScan has consistently been first in the capture industry with new innovations for image quality, increased scanning speeds, and workflow software. nextScan patented technology is world renowned for cutting costs and increasing efficiency. In 2015, nextScan was acquired by Digital Check Corporation and ST Imaging. ST Imaging leads the industry with their patron scanner, the ViewScan 4. From small reader/printer applications to large scale, conversion projects, nextScan can offer a full suite of Micrographics and conversion services solutions. All Microfilm scanners, Microfiche scanners and document management software is manufactured in the United States by nextScan.


The Eclipse Production Level Rollfilm scanner family with NextStar High Performance Workflow Software is designed for the demanding user. Eclipse scans 16 and 35 mm microfilm for multiple applications, including large scale projects that are time critical, cost sensitive and require superior image quality.

Eclipse 2015


The FlexScan 3 in 1 scanner with NextStar High Performance Workflow Software is designed to offer a complete package for users with rollfilm and microfiche scanning requirements on a limited budget.

FlexView – In-House Microfilm Conversion

The new FlexView from nextScan will convert your roll of microfilm at up to 300 PPM, in your own facility, on your schedule and utilizing your own staff! Microfilm conversion, preservation and accessing your film just got a whole lot easier!


Nextstar Plus Workflow Software

Combined with nextScan scanners, the NextStar Workflow Software Platform can provide optimum speed and significantly reduce conversion costs.

NextStar PLUS 2015
VirtualFilmView Example

Virtual Film

VirtualFilm converts your film into a user viewable digital ribbon format, and allows access to the film images using the microfilm scrolling and search techniques, but without the need for the film!

Virtual Film 2015