Microfilm Scanner Rental
and Lease Programs

Rental - For Short Term Needs

nextScan understands that the purchase of a new microfilm or microfiche conversion system can be a significant up-front investment, and that many budgets are structured in different ways. With these challenges in mind, nextScan is proud to offer affordable rental and leasing programs to help bring relief to start-up costs, making a new system a cost-effective solution for your organization.

Renting is a perfect option for temporary conversion projects. Perhaps you don’t need a long-term digitization operation and your collection isn’t large enough to justify the purchase of a scanner. Renting is perfectly suited for planned or unplanned temporary projects, facilitating peak load capacity requirements or when you need more scanning equipment than you currently own.

  • Great for smaller conversion projects and budget conscious organizations
  • Access to the newest, highest speed scanning equipment available
  • All-inclusive monthly rental expenses make it easier to get budget approval
  • nextScan provides on-site training, maintenance and support of the rental scanners
  • Flexibility to convert select microforms collections without the investment of a scanner purchase
  • Easier process than bank lending
  • Partial credit for rental payments if scanner is purchased in the first six months of rental

Lease, Rent-to-Own – For Long Term Needs

For long-term conversion projects or in situations when you need to conserve capital, avoid obsolescence, revamp your technology, or perform routine maintenance, a leasing, rent-to-own option may provide you with the best solution. nextScan partners with leading financial institutions to offer you customizable leasing programs to match your application and budget needs. Leasing allows you access to nextScans’ latest technology without a large up-front investment.

Why leasing may be a very good option in today’s market?

  • 24-48 hour approval turnaround
  • Leasing up to $100K – no complicated company financial reporting required
  • Larger companies – no personal guarantees needed
  • Smaller companies – no debt on personal credit
  • Companies can conserve capital and bank lines of credit
  • Easier process than bank lending
  • Favorable Tax benefits

Through these partnerships, nextScan is able to offer different leasing options quickly, with the flexibility to address your needs.

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