Digital Microfilm Archive

Digital Microfilm Archive

Access Microfilm Records, Anywhere.

The VirtualFilm Digital Microfilm Archive is a budget-friendly, time-saving solution for hosting and viewing microfilm archives, digitally. With VirtualFilm microfilm records can be viewed from any PC workstation, desktop or laptop computer — imagine having access to your microfilm archive at your fingertips! Contact nextScan to get in touch. 

How Does it Work?

Film is Scanned and Stored.

Choices for Film Conversion:

  • Rent a high-speed nextScan microform scanner to perform scanning in-house
  • Have a nextScan service bureau perform the scanning for you.

Your film will be scanned and stored as a ribbon file in full grayscale and compressed in a new, highly efficient storage format.

Film is Indexed by Roll, Blip, or Page-by-Page.

Simply enter the roll index which will later enable the software to locate and view the roll in the database.

If the film is blipped or has a simple page-by-page index structure, auto-detect indexing is available. VirtualFilm offers editing software to correct incorrect indexes or reorder pages.

Film is Accessed by Staff.

VirtualFilm can be configured to allow access as soon as scanning of a roll or fiche is completed. This provides on-demand scanning in conversion environments.

Digital images can be backed up at regular intervals and transferred to a final storage area and database. Your VirtualFilm archive can be stored on hardware provided by nextScan, or you can choose to integrate your VirtualFilm archive with your in-house servers or on a cloud-based storage platform.


Cost-Effective Digital Microfilm Archive.
Virtual Film is ideal for the permanent digital preservation of microfilm archives without high labor costs for indexing or the need to purchase costly conversion equipment. The cost is far lower than any other method of film scanning and is perfect for low retrieval rate film and budget concious projects.

A Stepping Stone for Full Scale Conversion.
Virtual film can be a stepping stone to a full scale conversion, wherby your microfilm archives are preserved now by converting to digital format, later records can be indexed by staff and output to any document management system.

Easily Retrieve and Transfer or Share Records.
 A “Virtual File Cabinet” is created for easy roll retrieval and identification. Film is indexed by the label on the box of film or title bar on fiche and retrieved similar to using a conventional reader/printer. Images can be emailed or output to disk. The entire contents of your virtual archive can be output to a third party ECM/DMS system at any time or to the “Cloud”.


  • Affordable Digital Microfilm Archive
  • No Lost Images During Microfilm Conversion and Context of the Film is Preserved
  • High-Resolution Digital Microfilm Images – No Artifacts
  • Post-Scan Grayscale Adjustments for Image Enhancements
  • Easy Document Retrieval and Transfer
  • Affordable Digital Microfilm Archive Solution

    VirtualFilm is suited for film with individual image indexes, examples include:

    • Government, County Land and Court Records

    • Medical Records

    • Insurance Records

    Virtual Film’s analog viewer does not require individual image indexes and is suited for:

    • Libraries with Various Film Collections

    • Small Collections with Little to No Indexes

    • Newspaper Collections

    “Improved Efficiency, Reduced Labor Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction along with long term critical document preservation are just some of the benefits that this project has brought to our County Records Management Department and County Land Title Records”

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