Incredibly Powerful Microfilm Conversion by nextScan

Introducing the most powerful production microfilm scanner in its class…

Eclipse® 2000 Microfilm Scanner

They can't stop, what they can't catch.

Untouchable Speeds.
Unmatched Image Quality.
Powerful Production.

Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage.

Delivering the Fastest
Scan Speeds
in the World…

The Eclipse 2000 microfilm scanner scans one roll of microfilm in just over one minute.
Turn more than one million frames into digital documents per day.

Used by the most notable names in the document conversion industry, the Eclipse 2000 is the world’s fastest production-level microfilm scanner designed for the ultimate power user. nextScan’s Eclipse scans an entire roll to digital at untouchable scan speeds up to 2,000 frames per minute. Scan an entire 100ft. roll of microfilm in a little over one minute and turn entire microfilm collections into digital archives faster than ever before.

Producing the Sharpest Image Quality.

The Eclipse 2000 microfilm scanner increases real resolution by nearly 2x during high-speed capture

Get the highest quality scans, in the least amount of time possible. Combined with top-of-the-line optics, the Eclipse 2,000 uses a powerful CMOS line scan camera and proprietary Lumintec Lighting Technology to capture raw native image resolution at optimum scan speeds up to 2,000 frames per minute. The Eclipse Microfilm Scanner does not sacrifice image quality to achieve higher scan speeds unlike other microfilm scanners. With unique line scanning technology, the entire roll of film is captured in continuous succession at 8,192 pixels per line, or 16,192 pixels per line with a greater optical configuration.

Powerful Production Powered by NextStarPLUS Workflow Software.

NextStarPLUS® is a fully configurable end to end workflow and tracking solution that enables optimum scan time and speed, quality of output and enhances the accuracy of the overall conversion process. Combined with top scan speeds, the NextStarPLUS Workflow Software platform enables optimal productivity to significantly speed up the quality control process. All image data is captured initially in grayscale as a “Ribbon”. Images are automatically segmented post scan using an intelligent frame detection algorithm. Audit operators can perform image enhancements image by image or to a selected group of frames at once from any of the 5 available workstations. Simultaneous capture, index, audit, and output enables optimal file processing performance for your team so operators can audit and output microfilm to digital files, while you scan and capture the next roll.
Eclipse 2000 Microfilm Scanner

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