Reseller Programs

nextScan has been deploying microfilm digitalization solutions consistently for the last 18 years, and we have successfully completed the cycle from inception and solution analysis to deployment in the five continents. We pride ourselves for conducting 100% of the development and manufacturing of our solutions in our facilities in Idaho USA. Having the development and manufacturing resources based in the same location with the possibility of a direct interaction has proven essential to responding effectively and in a timely fashion to our customer’s technical requests and inquiries.

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nextScan has developed an extended network of partners composed of Dealers, Resellers, and System Integrators to serve our multiple and diverse pool of international customers around the world. nextScan, through its network of partners, can deliver customer needs analysis, solution configuration assessment, technical support services, and document imaging consulting assistance, in a cost effective and sustainable fashion to our international customers regardless of their location.

Our solutions are designed and built with a comprehensive set of tools for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, which has reduced significantly the cost of ownership while increasing the up-time consistently. We have changed that old paradigm very common in the printer’s world where a constant visit of a representative on-site was needed. We have diminished the need of technician on-site visits with significant savings for the users. This is a feature of particular value for our international customers where we have been able to create a great state of self-sufficiency among our equipment users.

For more information about our International Services and partners or about programs available in your area please contact or call +1 208 514-4000.

Interested in Becoming a nextScan Partner?

At nextScan, we value partnerships that offer a full range of solutions to customers to meet all their document imaging needs. Our microfilm conversion scanners are sold internationally through Authorized Resellers who specialize in providing document imaging and information management solutions. Get in touch with us today to inquire about being a nextScan reseller.

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