Eclipse High Speed Microfilm Scanner

High Speed Microfilm Scanner, the Eclipse

The World’s Fastest High Speed Microfilm Scanner

The Eclipse high speed microfilm scanner helps organizations quickly covert their roll film into high quality digital images at speeds up to 2000 frames per minute.  Convert your entire microfilm collection in less time!

nextScan’s high speed microfilm scanner solution includes the Eclipse scanner, software, installation, training and support. Contact nextScan today to develop your film conversion project.

The Eclipse 16/35mm System Includes:

  • Scanner
  • PC – Optional Internal or External (User Specified)
  • High Resolution Lens with LuminTec™ Lighting Technology
  • NextStar PLUS Workflow Software Platform
  • Optional Digital Storage Server (RSD)

The system can handle all of the challenging properties of roll film scanning including:

  • Variable size documents and image positions
  • Multiple film file formats
  • Variable indexing to digital files
  • Captures up to 3 levels of blips
  • Enhancement of signatures and handwritten data on filmed images

Unique scanner features:

  • Speeds up to 1200 ppm and beyond
  • Ribbon scanning software for guaranteed image capture and detection
  • Patented film transport (eliminates image distortion)
  • Choice of scanner chassis
  • Designed to minimize any impact on your internal networks