Determining True Scanning Speed…Why Is Production Throughput Key to Your Success?

For film and fiche scanning, what is your REAL speed to scan, process, QA and then output – not just how fast a scanner can theoretically capture a roll of film?  You want to verify what is the speed to complete the 4 basic steps in your process?  a) Image Scanning, b) Detecting images and […]

News & Press Releases

nextScan Discontinues Resale Relationship with Eastman Park Micrographics

Decision will contribute to growth of international distribution network through new partner recruitment Boise, ID – June 26, 2013 – nextScan, Inc., the recognized leader in film and fiche scanning technology worldwide, today announced an end to its partnership with Eastman Park Micrographics as a nextScan reseller. This decision was made as a result of […]

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