70mm Scanning

nextScan’s FlexScan with Roll Film Module

nextScan takes great pride in listening to customer’s needs and developing customized scanning solutions to solve the many complex and unique Scanning Conversion challenges in the Micrographics market.


  • Custom Designed 70mm FlexScan Roll Film Module Transport can accommodate 35mm and 70mm roll film only.
  • Custom Designed Light line is larger and can accommodate 70mm roll film.
  • 18,600 scan lines per second utilizing and 8K camera, (16K camera as an optional upgrade).
  • Scanner is equipped with nextScan’s latest NextStar PLUS Workflow Software with 5 Audit Workstation Licenses.
  • No missed images during scanning – un-compressed or compressed 12bit grayscale ribbon files.

Feature Rich

  • Color coding of frame detection confidence and black out mode as a visual aid for the audit operator.
  • Simultaneous scanning audit, indexing & QA inspection for enhanced workflow.
  • Audit, re-audit / QA capability and indexing along with exception routing and user definable processes in the workflow.
  • Regional auto thresholding for bi-tonal images.
  • Rotate, mirror, crop, de-skew, de-speckle and edge enhancement filters, all post scan operations.
  • Export for many ECM systems output and index support for most document management systems.
  • Flexible file naming and index file generation.


  • Individual frame-by-frame post process image enhancement option if needed.
  • Independent image enhancement settings for multiple or individual output images.
  • Insert / delete frames or images while maintaining file naming integrity.
  • Independent image enhancement settings for multiple or individual output images.
  • Unlimited output image formats, all definable after scanning.

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