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nextScan has years of experience in providing cost effective and productive solutions for archiving film and fiche images in a digital format.

Virtual Film – nextScan’s new economical software solution was specifically created to convert film archives to permanent digital image files at a much lower cost than traditional scanning methods.

Designed for ease of use in public, corporate, archival and library settings, nextScan scanners and software solutions deliver high quality, budget friendly, digital images that are just like the original and can be corrected to be even better!

  • nextScan offers Customized Scanning Project Solutions
  • Discover the cost savings and fast, easy retrieval methods of Virtual Film
  • nextScan is a preferred choice for organizations like the Library of Congress, the Library of Archives Canada and the National Library of Australia.
  • nextScan offers flexible Leasing and Rental Programs
See how nextScan technology enabled a National Library to undertake a huge newspaper conversion project…

"Selecting high quality nextScan hardware and software has allowed us to achieve our short term goals, and laid the foundation for completion of our long-term goals."

Important questions You need Answered Before You invest in a microfilm or microfiche scanner

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