Considering Used nextScan Microfilm Scanning Equipment?

Considering Used nextScan Equipment? nextScan urges you to review the following information….

Thank you for considering nextScan equipment. nextScan wants to ensure you are satisfied with all of your product purchases. Although nextScan and official nextScan resellers do not sell used equipment as part of our offerings, we want to be sure software updates, parts, service and support can be provided to you in a reliable and timely fashion should you opt to purchase a used nextScan product from a third party.

If you are considering used nextScan equipment from a third party, please be aware of the following:

  • Software licenses are non-transferrable. Software is only licensed to the original purchaser of the unit. It is possible that your software could no longer work should you purchase used equipment, and you may incur additional cost for a new software license.
  • Software is not upgradeable without a license. New licenses for software upgrades vary in price, dependent upon the need for necessary hardware upgrades within a unit and current version of software installed. The older the unit, the more cost could be incurred for a software upgrade license.
  • Beware false advertising for used units! Many dealers may promise fully upgraded/refurbished units, along with ongoing support – only to disappear after the sale. Only nextScan corporate and its official resellers are authorized to issue software licenses, provide upgrades and/or ongoing product support contracts, or provide spare parts
  • In order to be eligible for nextScan software upgrades and service and support programs, purchased used equipment must be inspected and re-certified by nextScan technicians. nextScan and its official resellers do not provide support of used scanners without this re- certification process. Please contact nextScan prior to purchase to verify that a unit has actually been certified if the seller is making this claim.
  • Software updates and spare parts cannot be procured through any third party, only nextScan corporate or its authorized resellers.

We urge you to contact nextScan before you plan the purchase of a used unit through a third party so that you can have a full picture of this investment. nextScan can guide you to the best service and support options for your used product, and give you a full view of all the REAL cost aspects and logistics of your used scanner – by providing exact information on software licenses, upgrades, and ongoing support after the purchase of a particular unit .

To learn more, please call nextScan at (208) 514-4000 or go to .

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