Microfilm Scanners

Microfilm scanners designed with optimum speed and confident workflow to optimize file processing performance for faster microfilm to digital conversion. Each nextScan microfilm scanner is designed to deliver high-performance  conversion capabilities by delivering the highest quality images using some of the fastest scan speeds available in the market. End users can quickly convert high-volume multi-format microfilm collections to digital files in just a few short minutes. From small reader/printer applications to large-scale microfilm to digital conversion projects, nextScan can offer a full suite of micrographics and conversion service solutions. 

The FlexScan® 3-in-1 microfilm scanner with NextStarPLUS® High Performance Workflow Software delivers an exclusive and flexible solution for collections with multiple microforms. The FlexScan® system includes a mix of quick and convenient interchangeable modules to match the demand of your fiche and film conversion goals.

The Eclipse® Production Level Microfilm scanner is designed for large-scale digital microfilm conversion projects. The Eclipse® is capable of scanning 16mm and 35mm microfilm at ultra-fast scan speeds up to 2,000 frames per minute. The Eclipse® is ideal for large-scale projects that are time-critical and require superior image quality. The Eclipse® comes equipped with our NextStarPLUS® High Performance Workflow Software whcih delivers optimum workflow and QA capabilities for confident project management.

The FlexView® Microfilm Scanner is a budget-friendly lightweight production microfilm conversion scanner that integrates into any office environment! FlexView® delivers powerful high-performance production scanning at speeds up to 300 PPM with NextStarPLUS® software that enables enhanced and powerful workflow for faster project completion.

Our ST Imaging line of scanners is the clear choice for your on-demand needs. The ViewScan 4 fast tracks microfilm research using an 18-megapixel image sensor that is always delivering crisp and clear images in PerfectFocus while you browse and zoom through film. Our new PerfectView software changes the way you see microfilm with an easy to use interface and color-coded modules that make microfilm research easier than ever before!

Working with a Budget? Consider VirtualFilm ®
An Affordable Digital Microfilm Archive

What if you could preserve microfilm records to digital format and eliminate equipment and service costs? Now you can with VirtualFilm®! Replace your scanning equipment with a software database that houses digitized microfilm records and acts as a reader/printer replacement.  VirtualFilm® can be used for the permanent digital preservation of microfilm archives for just a fraction of the cost of full-scale conversion.

See how you can save with VirtualFilm®. Request a Demo Today!

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