A Look Back and Forward

2017 was a great year of innovation and collaboration for nextScan and ST Imaging as well as our parent company Digital Check. With Digital Checks scanners deployed in over 140 countries and nextScan and ST Imaging units combined in over 45 countries, we are continuing to expand our global reach of providing the very best imaging products to corporations and agencies worldwide. Some notable new to the market products launched in 2017 include the new ST Imaging ViewScan 4, the FlexView by nextScan, and the new 70mm FlexScan roll film scanner. All of these products are the result of combined engineering talent and collaboration of company leadership and sales teams as well as direct focus of current customers to gain valuable insight to what is needed to be able to complete their conversion goals.

As we dig into 2018, we couldn’t be more excited for the future! nextScan and ST Imaging has expanded our overall staff in response to our company growth and now have all of our nextScan and ST Imaging products manufactured at the combined facility in Idaho. Our engineering team has new projects planned for 2018 as we are always keeping our eyes on how we can work toward our vision statement of “providing innovative microfilm and microfiche scanners built with simplicity and functionality to increase user production and lower project costs, while offering the best image quality in the industry”.

We know that there are still many microforms collections that have not yet been converted and some of these may be at risk of deterioration or damage. How can we help you? Do you need help planning a conversion project? We offer free consultations and web presentations. We would love to hear from you. Also…. Do you know of another business that may benefit from nextScan or ST Imaging products? We pay referrals! Contact us to find out about our program.

Thanks for all you do to preserve History!

Doreen Breish
Director of North American Sales, nextScan

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