Film Splicing and Maintenance Kits


nextScan understands that no film is perfect, and many times you may have to splice film or work to convert film that has been spliced.  nextScan scanners are equipped to process spliced film.  nextScan’s unique patented transport system within our scanners features anti-tension loops that prevent film from stretching and breaking, while the self-cleaning rolls carefully handle delicate and brittle film.  Furthermore, these special features for film handling will help prevent the need for splicing!

Helpful Information for Proper Microfilm Splicing   (Jason – this title should be a live link to the below)


Let’s face it…film can be really dirty! Years of dust, oils, grime and even mold can transfer into your scanning equipment during the conversion process.  Preventative Maintenance and ensuring a clean production environment are key to keeping your equipment running at optimum operating speed and efficiency.  For nextScan scanners, always refer to your nextScan user’s manual or contact nextScan should you have any questions on proper maintenance techniques.  nextScan technicians can assist you with many of your maintenance needs, to include:

  • Alignment
  • Glass Cleaning and Care
  • Diffuser Cleaning
  • Roll Cleaning
  • Film Path/Transport Inspection
  • RSD/PC Review and Inspection
  • Environmental and Storage Assessment

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