Converting Tricky Film: nextScan’s Arsenal of Tools for Combatting Uncommon Micrographic Media Formats

Duration: 1 hour

Microforms come in a wide variety ranging in dimension, density, polarity, and original filming conditions.  It is not uncommon to come across non-standard film types or poorly filmed microforms that pose unique scanning challenges and hinder the digitization process for staff. It is tricky film formats and outliers that can cause the biggest labor increases in a microfilm conversion project. 

Supporting efficient conversion capabilities for such a substantial variety of media requires complex software designed to tackle all of the unique scanning challenges of uncommon film types. Join Marshall Breish, Manager of Technical Support Services, in this 1-hour webinar that focuses on nextScan’s arsenal of tools for combatting unique scanning challenges associated with non-standard micrographic media.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Uncommon film formats you should identify when scoping a microfilm conversion project.
  • The most efficient processes used for converting uncommon film types to digital format.
  • nextScan’s arsenal of tools used to combat scanning challenges associated with non-standard film types.
Presented By:
Marshall Breish
Manager of Technical Support Services, nextScan

With over ten years experience, Marshall Breish manages the Technical Support division at nextScan. Marshall works with nextScan sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing business segments to ensure customers receive all the support they need to be successful and satisfied with nextScan scanners. Marshall has traveled across the globe installing nextScan equipment and training hundreds of companies on best practices to successfully complete their microfilm conversion projects.

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