Grow Your Business with Microfilm Scanning Services:
A Guide to Understanding Microfilm Conversion for Service Bureaus

Duration: 1 hour

Do you belong to a document scanning business that is considering microfilm scanning as a service offering? Expanding your current service offerings is the ultimate key to business growth, yet questions about microfilm scanning deter many business leaders from capitalizing on this lucrative opportunity. Microfilm Scanning in many ways differs from traditional scanning environments, and before you get into the business there are some questions you need answered.   

nextScan has earned the business and trust of service bureaus around the globe by providing innovative high-performance microfilm scanning solutions and software that deliver the competitive edge in scan speeds and image quality. nextScan representatives Roger Noel, and Neil Milkowski, work closely with notable names in the service bureau industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions that reduce scanning costs and improve overall return on investment. Join Roger and Neil for a one-hour webinar that will help your organization expand on current service offerings and discover pathways to getting into the microfilm scanning business.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Opportunities to Expand Service Offerings with Microfilm Scanning
  • The difference and complexity of dealing with microfilm when compared to paper documents
  • Ways to navigate cost of entry and bids to get into the business
  • Scanners and features provide the most return on your investment


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Presented By:

Roger Noel,
Western Regional Sales Manager

Roger Noel has been working in the information management/digital transformation area for over 20 years. He has spent the last three years at nextScan working as Western Regional Sales Manager and over a decade managing the nextScan technical support team. 

Neil Milkowski,
Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Neil Milkowski has been providing micrographic and digital imaging solutions to organizations for over 21 years.  He has spent the past 3 years at nextScan working as the Eastern Regional Sales Manager helping document intensive organizations implement the latest high tech software and hardware solutions to increase productivity and improve efficiency.

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