CeBit 2014 – New innovations in Technology and the Worldwide focus on “Datability”

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nextScan staff recently exhibited at CeBit in Hannover Germany, the largest IT trade show in the world. With visitors to our Trade Show Stand from over 25 countries, this show is a great way to reach out to partners and potential clients all over the world.  It is also an excellent platform for learning and observing new trends in Records and Document management, as well as all areas of technology. The theme for this year centered around the newly created buzzword “Datability“, which means the ability to sustainably and responsibly to handle large data volumes.   I don’t know if this word will catch on worldwide, but I am certain that its meaning and need for implementation of new ideas already has.  One fact that I found particularly staggering that was mentioned at CeBit, was that  worldwide in 2013 it only took 10 minutes to generate 5 Billion…(yes with a “B”) Gigabytes of data.  In 2003, that same amount of data would have taken over 1000 years to generate!

At nextScan, our mission is to design and build scanners and develop software solutions that offer the best performance in speed, image quality and functionality for the Micrographics industry.  We are also creating new technology to reduce the cost and complexity of scanning… in essence… “Datability” .

To learn more about this new technology, read about nextScan’s new revolutionary VirtualFilm.

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Some of my favorite new technology picks at CeBit:

SMA Electronic Document GmBH – introduced the new ROBOSCAN… This highly specialized Book Scanner is designed to carefully scan delicate old books using a smooth forced air system to turn the delicate pages.  The image quality and color was fantastic and it will safeguard old historic volumes and offer the ability to digitally preserve them for generations to come.

Bag2Go, T-Systems-RIMOWA – introduced the “smart” suitcase. I really think this one will be popular with world travelers!  The app checks out the location and owner of the suitcase anytime with a Wi-Fi chip and GPS tracker fitted to the bag.  I can think of so many people, (including myself) who have lost luggage who would love to put this on their Christmas list!

Electronics Retailer Pearl –  introduced the new simvalley MOBILE smartwatch GW-420 a wrist smartphone that is hands free and has web connectivity. 

Here are a few images from CeBit 2014.  We look forward to CeBit 2015 and will continue to implement new technology ideas into our products and services and work toward promoting “Datability” in the Micrographics Industry.



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Doreen Compton

Director of Product Marketing



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