Consider a nextScan Lease!

Consider a nextScan Lease!

Boise, ID – March 3, 2013

Available in the US only

nextScan, in partnership with Horizon Keystone financial, offers you flexible leasing programs that match your budget. Leasing enables you to access the latest in nextScan technology without a large up-front investment.

Why Should You Consider a Lease?

-24-48 hour turnaround on approval process
-App only to $ 100k – no financials
-Larger companies – no personal guarantees
-Smaller companies – no debt on personal credit
-Conserve capital and bank lines of credit
-Same tax advantages as cash – 2010 Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act** (see below for details)
-Total project financing
-Easier than the bank

Through this partnership, nextScan is able to offer different leasing options and scenarios that can easily meet your needs:

$ 1 buyout option at end of lease


Buyout option (up to $ 15,000 in some configurations!) that can lower monthly payments significantly

-Lease terms from 2 years to 5 five years
-Lease total can include install, training and/or service contracts (as well as equipment) should you choose

Lease a nextScan Eclipse or FlexScan scanner and the latest NextStar software with your choice of configurations, lease terms and buyout options – ask us how!

**2010 is a great year to invest in your company…..

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2010, Section 179 allows you to write off the full purchase price of equipment purchases (up to $134,000). This allows for immediate tax relief, and makes leasing equipment and investing in your business not only feasible, but a financially sound decision as well.

Tax Savings Example:

Cost of Equipment: $70,000.00
Section 179 Deduction: $70,000.00
Regular 1st Yr. Depreciation
Deduction: $0.00
Total 1st Yr. Deduction: $70,000.00
Cash Saving on your
Equipment Purchase: $24,500.00
(Assuming a 35% Tax Bracket)

Lowered Cost of
Equipment after
Tax Savings: $45,500.00

– Lease program does not include travel expenses incurred for on-site repair work or shipping of the unit to lessee (to be quoted and billed separately). In the exceptional case a unit needs comprehensive repair to be performed at nextScan corporate, Lessee is responsible for shipping to depot and nextScan will pay return shipping. Must schedule repair work appointments with reasonable notice. Lease applicants subject to credit approval. 2 lease payments will be required up front (first and last – to apply to the life of the lease accordingly), plus a onetime processing fee of $ 295.


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