nextScan Provides Enhanced Capability for FlexScan 2-in-1 Scanner with Addition of Jumbo Fiche Transport

nextScan Provides Enhanced Capability for FlexScan 2-in-1 Scanner with Addition of Jumbo Fiche Transport

Boise, ID – June 20, 2007

Boise, ID – June 20, 2007 -nextScan, the provider of the next generation in film and fiche scanning technology, today announced the release of a Jumbo Fiche Transport module as an add-on option for the fast and versatile FlexScan™ 2-in-1 microfilm and microfiche scanner. The new transport affords additional scanning capabilities for those that require high speed scanning and digitization of oversized fiche and aperture cards, in addition to 35 and 16mm microfilm and microfiche. Fiche formats accommodated by the new transport include standard formats 105 mm (4 x 6), jumbo and ultra, jacketed, COM, oil well logs, planetary, duplex, multiplex, step and repeat (AB Dick, Microx, Simplex, Vesicular) and titlebar. The overall FlexScan solution, utilizing the new Jumbo Fiche Transport, now offers an even more cost effective method for tackling all film and fiche scanning projects with one machine.

“The nextScan FlexScan 2-in-1 scanner has offered service bureaus, government entities and many end users a proven, reliable solution to handle high volume film and fiche scanning at a reasonable price point,” said Ernesto Pinal, Vice President Sales and Marketing for nextScan. “We wanted to take the FlexScan’s capabilities a step further by offering a Jumbo Fiche Transport that can accommodate scanning and digitization of aperture cards and oversized fiche. With this solution, FlexScan users can process almost anything that comes through the door with one unit – no longer will they have to purchase multiple machines to accommodate all jobs. This is a real need for companies that have digitization projects that are time and budget sensitive. We are happy to offer a complete package for film and fiche scanning, with even more flexibility.”

The FlexScan scanner will scan rollfilm up to 220 pages per minute and microfiche up to 125 pages per minute. The scanner will scan grayscale and bitonal images at the same time without a reduction in output speed and nextScan’s Adaptive Speed Control will optimize the scanner by automatically adjusting for network bottlenecks. The revolutionary NextStar™ software that accompanies the FlexScan scanner maximizes productivity by allowing the operator to scan, detect and display instantly an entire roll of film or whole fiche as a ribbon, which means no more rescans, reloads or lost images. QA can be performed at multiple workstations, even remotely, maximizing throughput of the scanner, minimizing cost of conversion, and output of an image can be done in multiple formats. NextStar will not slow down for even the largest images and minimal training is required to operate. The FlexScan/NextStar solution, combined with the Jumbo Fiche Transport, allows the user to achieve the best image possible for digitization easily, quickly, accurately and economically.

About nextScan, Inc.
Incorporated in 2002, nextScan is providing the next generation in film and fiche scanning technology. nextScan was established to give the film and fiche conversion market an alternative to today’s 5 to 8 year old scanner designs, as well as provide the support they require for success. Designed with the latest in camera, lighting, chip and software technology, nextScan scanners and software far exceed the quality, speed and reliability of other products on the market. nextScan scanners have increased production and lowered cost for customers scanning film and fiche, including, Preservation Resources, and iArchives. nextScan is privately held and headquartered in Eagle, ID.

nextScan Provides Enhanced Capability for FlexScan 2-in-1 Scanner with Addition of Jumbo Fiche Transport


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