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FlexView Microfilm Scanner - Digitize Microfilm

Compact Microfilm Digitization Scanner

Automatically scan media from 16mm/35mm Microfilm and convert to digital using a compact production scanner that can fit into any office environment. The FlexView®  although small, delivers mighty production-level scanning capabilities and will scan a roll of microfilm in as little as ten minutes!

Why Choose nextScan to
Convert Your Microfilm Archives?

Best-In-Class Image Quality

nextScan scanners are best-in-class when it comes to image quality. Our high-resolution lenses combined with nextScan’s LED illumination lighting technology called LuminTec, effectively increase native image resolution by nearly 2 times in the scanning direction without increasing image file size.

Reliable High-Speed Image Capture

nextScan’s Ribbon Scanning – All image data is captured from top to bottom, beginning to end, in gray-scale as a “Digital Ribbon”, so image enhancements can be performed at the audit workstation, enabling optimum scan time and speed, quality of output and accuracy of the overall process.

Workflow Designed for Ultimate Productivity

Streamline your work and triple productivity with NextStarPlus® Software, designed to optimize workflow and minimize operator setup and QA. Operators can audit and index up to 5 rolls of film, while scanning the next roll simultaneously, enabling optimal film to digital processing performance.

Library of Congress@librarycongress
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We use microfilm & microfiche scanning equipment from Nextscan. The collection of Sultan Abdul-Hamid II was scanned using this equipment.

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Toya Dubin, PresidentHudson Archival
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The nextScan FlexScan and Eclipse scanners provide excellent resolution and seamlessly integrated software. The fine controls in the FlexScan ensure that even the most difficult scanning projects can provide highly detailed images.
Rose HolleyNational Library of Australia
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“The use of high quality nextScan hardware and software has allowed us to achieve our short term goals, and has laid the foundation for completion of our long term goals.”
Mr. Shamil SharafutinovState Archive Republic of Tartarstan
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“The need for rescanning was completely eliminated and the Eclipse and FlexScan scanners deliver maximized file processing performance by offering the option to organize and execute up to 5 jobs concurrently.”

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