Why You Want to Buy From nextScan…From the Desk of the President

Why You Want to Buy From nextScan…From the Desk of the President

Boise, ID – July 15, 2010


When you are about to make a large investment into a product from a company or a technology that you may not know much about, you feel nervous about making the right decision, and want to be sure to do your homework. This document is intended to help you feel more comfortable with the decision to choose nextScan for your rollfilm and microfiche scanning solutions, by giving you some insight into what drives nextScan and providing a general overview of its hardware, software and component innovations.

nextScan founder Mr. Kurt Breish has pioneered many of the industry’s leading developments for the rollfilm and microfiche scanning market. As Mr. Breish states, “I love technology and the engineering process – the more diverse the better. The technology to make a good rollfilm scanner is about as diverse as it gets. A company must have expertise in electronics, software, image processing, mechanical design, systems engineering, networking and most important of all, a passion for new technology.”

This document briefly details nextScan’s contributions to the rollfilm and microfiche scanning market, presents an overview of nextScan’s state-of-the-art product line, and reviews what sets nextScan technology apart from the rest.

The SunRise Years

Mr. Breish was one of the original three founders of SunRise Imaging Inc. At SunRise, he was a member of the Board of Directors, the VP of Engineering, and responsible for all product development. Mr. Breish’s tenure with SunRise was from its founding in 1989 until 1997 when SunRise was sold to Printrak International, a Motorola subsidiary. The SunRise product line in those years was internally referred to as the “Mack Truck” of film scanners. The technological advances created by Kurt and his team drove SunRise to be the industry leader both in image quality, throughput, units shipped and revenue by the mid 1990’s.

Enter nextScan Inc.

In 2002 Mr. Breish Founded nextScan Inc., because he felt that the state of rollfilm scanning technology development was stagnant and not capitalizing on the available technology to advance the capabilities of rollfilm scanners. None of the players in the rollfilm scanning market were pushing the technology envelope. All were content to have similar product capabilities and attract customers by marketing schemes and sales promotions, instead of real value.

When nextScan was founded in 2002, the fastest rollfilm scanners available on the market were about 180 pages per minute. Wicks & Wilson scanners were at the 180 ppm mark, SunRise was near the 160 mark, and Mekel was around 150. All had similar software; Windows-based user interface, with a setup method that required a trial and error approach of scanning a single frame, then making adjustments, rescanning the same frame and seeing the effect of those adjustments. It was a very time consuming process at best.

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