Out of This World Deal on the Eclipse!

A rare astronomic event will transpire over much of North America on August 21, a total solar eclipse. To commemorate this rare celestial event, nextScan will offer 15% off the high performance Eclipse microfilm scanner.

nextScan, headquartered in Meridian, Idaho is right at the edge of the zone of totality. But suburban communities of Boise, ID such as Garden Valley, ID will experience over 2 minutes and 47 seconds of total eclipse darkness. You better believe we will be there to witness this rare scientific event in person!

Some Total Eclipse Facts:

  • This is the first total eclipse over the United States in 38 years
  • A solar eclipse is a precise lineup of the sun, the moon and the earth
  • During totality, there will be a 10-15 degree drop in air temperature
  • The Diamond Ring Effect occurs at the beginning and end of totality, the faint corona around the sun is visible looking like ring with glittering diamonds
  • Bailey’s Beads Effect occurs as the moon grazes by the sun during an Eclipse, the moons topography allows beads of sunlight to shine in some places but not others, creating beads of bright light.
  • Shadow Bands are thin wavy lines of alternating light and dark that can sometimes be seen right before and after a total solar Eclipse.

The nextScan Eclipse
The industry’s fastest Microfilm Production Scanner

  • eclipseHigh Resolution Lens with LuminTec™ Lighting Technology for sharper images and better OCR results
  • NextStar PLUS Workflow Software Platform, with optional add-ons now available for OCR, Redaction and nextScan newest budget friendly scanning retrieval system… Virtual Film
  • Optional Digital Storage Server (RSD)
  • Capable of scanning variable size documents and image positions
  • Multiple film file formats
  • Variable indexing to digital files
  • Enhancement of signatures and handwritten data on filmed images
  • Speeds of over 2000 ppm
  • Ribbon scanning software for guaranteed image capture and detection
  • Patented film transport (eliminates image distortion)
  • Handles 1000′ reels and blipped film, captures up to 3 levels of blips

For more information on nextScan products or to order an Eclipse Scanner at this great discount, contact nextScan at 208-514-4000 or sales@nextscan.com

This offer is only available in the USA and cannot be combined with other discounts.
Sale ends September 30, 2017.
For information regarding International promotions please contact internationalsales@nextscan.com.


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