6 Benefits of Upgrading Your Microfilm Scanner

nextScan’s engineers work closely with feedback from clients and industry leaders to improve and develop hardware and software features that further enhance powerful workflow capabilities. Innovations and client feedback drive nextScan technology forward. nextScan offers unique software and hardware applications that won’t be found on any other scanner models, and we have customers like you to thank! From our line scanning technology to the powerful NextStar workflow software – we design custom features to meet the unique scanning needs of our clients so you can get the best return on your investment!

With technology being a major factor in the success or failure of a business, it is critical that you carefully and strategically consider remaining current on your nextScan products. With the upcoming Windows 7 End-of-Life notice, now is a great time to consider upgrading your microfilm scanner! We understand that keeping up with technology can be difficult; that’s why nextScan remains committed to offering you the best service and support in the industry. Upgrades and consistent preventative maintenance have enabled major nextScan clients to successfully extend the life of their scanners which have been in operation for nearly two decades.

1. Protect Your Data from Security Threats and Maintain Business Continuity

After a decade, Microsoft has announced the end of support for Windows 7 effective January 14, 2020. After this deadline, nextScan will no longer be able to provide software upgrades and patches that are compatible with Windows XP or Windows 7.

You will still be able to run scanners on Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems; however, we recommend they not be connected to the network as an air-gap helps secure operating systems that are not getting security updates. Continued use of Windows XP or Windows 7 will leave your data vulnerable to security threats. It is essential to upgrade now to prevent your data from potential security threats and ensure the continuity of your business. Continued use of an unsupported operating system can pose serious security risks for any organization. A current operating system enables your organization to avoid issues by implementing fixes and applications that protect your data from viruses, spyware, and malicious software that can harm or steal data and cause lengthy delays.

2. Workflow Software Upgrades: Improved Features and More Time Spent Getting the Job Done!

Your software investment includes not only the technical capabilities available when you purchased the software but all the research and development that follows. Updating your software opens the door to enhanced editing tools and improved automated processing and detection features that enable enhanced file processing performance, auditing, quality assurance, metadata, OCR, and indexing capabilities. New software features and improvements will increase productivity, improve ease-of-use, and will ensure that you are maximizing your technology investment.

3. Give Your Scanner a Speed Bump and Increase Throughput Performance for an Even Bigger ROI!

Downstream exceptions cost your business time and money. Accurate and efficient content management is the key factor in creating successful business processes for high volume microfilm digitization. Increased scan speeds help businesses achieve faster, more reliable data delivery and lower operating costs. Faster scan speeds will allow your organization to quickly and accurately digitize high volumes of data with less manual intervention allowing you to take on more projects and ultimately make better use of your investment. Depending on the age of your equipment, upgrading the hardware may significantly improve the speed of your scanner. More data processed means higher productivity and more revenue streams into your business. Speed increases can dramatically boost productivity levels; it’s much like transitioning from one scanner to two or three scanners for a fraction of the cost!

4. Upgrade Your Camera for Even Better Image Resolution and Faster Scanning Capabilities

nextScan’s microfilm scanning solutions deliver enhanced and powerful scanning capabilities to consumers through our advanced optics and state-of-the-art line scanning camera. nextScan builds its scanners with a dual tap 8k line scan camera, one of the most advanced CMOS line scan sensors on the market that delivers high quantum efficiency and low noise for crisper and cleaner images. Optionally, nextScan now offers a custom 16k configuration for users who need to reach even higher image resolutions. Depending on the age of your scanner, additional hardware upgrades may include transitioning your lighting system from Fiber Optic to Lumintec™, which increases native image resolution by nearly 2X.

5. Remain Eligible for Continued Support and Services

The best way to ensure your equipment stays in top condition is with an extended warranty support contract. Keeping your equipment up to date maintains eligibility to take advantage of the extended warranty support services that keep you operating on time and budget.

6. Upgrading is Cost Efficient

Consider that upgrades deliver factory re-certified units in ‘like new’ condition up to 70% less than the cost of a new scanner.

Delaying an upgrade can prove to be much costlier than a timely upgrade. Upgrading your nextScan scanner and NextStar software can improve ROI through faster scanning speeds, enhanced workflow, and improved up-time. From a practical standpoint, using dated software in a production setting can be a burden for your IT department as your staff tries to keep up with ever-changing security and technology requirements.

When it comes to budgeting for the upgrade, here are some strategies you may want to consider:

  • Upgrades to existing equipment may not be considered Cap-Ex
  • Budget the expense into next year’s spending plan
  • Spread out the cost. If you have multiple units, you may want to consider replacing one or a few at a time. This strategy will allow your organization to spread out monetary resources and manage cash flow.
  • Take advantage of the tax break. If cost is a concern for your organization, consider looking into tax advantages. U.S. based business could benefit from IRS Section 179.

Plan Your Upgrade, Enlist the Experts

Contact nextScan and get in touch with a professional that can help you with the planning and implementation of your upgrade plan. We are here to help ensure the continued success of your conversion project!
The professionals at nextScan are skillful in providing custom upgrade solutions that ensure you get the most from your investment! nextScan offers a variety of upgrade and trade-in options for our scanners and software. All nextScan hardware upgrades are conducted on-site in our Meridian, Idaho manufacturing plant. Turnaround times on average range from 2 to 5 business days. For information on what upgrade or trade-in options may be available for your scanning equipment, contact your regional sales manager and request a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of your scanner.

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