Advantages of Remote Technical Support: Overcoming Challenges of Current Business Dynamics through Remote User Connection

Seemingly overnight, an unexpected crisis hit the world and much of the entire workforce around the world has found itself forced to adapt to new work-from-home measures. While the sudden change has been undeniably difficult, people are quickly learning to cope with the new conditions. Modern technology has given people the ability to connect with others near and far, fostering virtual meeting environments that have enabled businesses like ours to continue operating in times of crisis.

nextScan has deployed scanners all over the globe and provides support to clients in 46 countries, where remote support sessions have been at the foundation of thousands of successful microfilm conversion projects. Remote support has enabled nextScan customers to have access to rapid assistance from any geographical location to accommodate different time zones. Customers have access to assistance any time of day by scheduling remote sessions with a certified nextScan technician in advance.

Current business dynamics, now more than ever, call for quick responses to possible issues that may arise for an organization. One of the major advantages of remote support lies within the ability to obtain immediate solutions from qualified experts like Charlotte Olson, who have accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge while successfully serving happy customers for over 18 years at nextScan.

nextScan Support Technican, Charlotte Olson aiding customer in Sweden at 3 AM in the morning.

 “Working remotely has been no different for us than working at the office. We are able to provide the same quality service working from home.”, says Charlotte Olson, support technician at nextScan. The real challenge, says Olson, “has been coordinating with customers that have limited access to their offices and equipment during this time.”

“We have been working patiently with customers as they adapt to their new work environments, ensuring they have everything they need to be successful. With travel bans in place, one of the most unique challenges we have faced is combatting installations over the phone instead of being at the customer site. We have successfully aided in remote installations for several service bureau clientele so that they can maintain continuity of their business operations under the new work-from-home procedures we have been forced to adopt.”

Remote incident solutions keep customers that depend on servicing other agencies up and running in their production environments. This enables organizations like service bureaus to save time and money by avoiding potential downtime and keeping conversion jobs on target despite the current crisis. On average, nextScan technicians diagnose and resolve over 90% of all cases.

Customers also benefit from additional training opportunities through remote connection. Remote support offers opportunities for one-on-one refresher training for operators. Furthermore, through remote connections nextScan recently launched a successful webinar series that brings together a community of individuals involved with microfilm digitization and fosters a new learning environment where customers, or prospects can ask questions and get real time feedback from experts.

How Does Remote Technical Support Work?

nextScan technicians perform remote diagnostics using on-line desktop sharing applications to gain access to equipment and facilitate remote incident resolution over the web. Remote support helps nextScan technicians understand and narrow down where an issue is, whether it is in one of the hardware components, software, or in some cases the customer supplied PC’s or network. Through remote connection, nextScan support technicians can help customers understand advanced software capabilities for handling difficult film and fiche as nextScan support personnel get a first-hand look at the end user’s production environment, scanning equipment, and scan set-up.

How can I Gain Access to Remote Support?

Submit a Support Ticket Online

Create a Support Request at

Email Support

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Telephone Support

Call + 1 208 514 4000
Monday thru Friday
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See What Customers are Saying About nextScan Support:

“I am hands-on with nextScan scanners and software every day. The upgrade to NextStarPLUS was so simple. nextScan engineers worked alongside our team on training and installation to ensure that the transition was seamless. We haven’t needed much help since then as the training was so thorough. We’re happy and our customers are happy. With the addition of NextStarPLUS and the ability to get existing jobs done more quickly, we are now able to take on more work which is a huge benefit for ProQuest and our employees.”

– Stan Bowling, Content Operations Supervisor, ProQuest


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