nextScan Introduces Fastest Microfilm Scanner for Today’s Market

nextScan Introduces Fastest Microfilm Scanner for Today’s Market with New Technology Incorporated for Enhanced Image Quality

Boise, ID – October 16, 2008

Eclipse 1000 with a unique, proprietary, advanced light source (LuminTec™) will scan up to 1000 pages per minute while delivering pristine image quality

Boise, ID – October 16, 2008 – nextScan, the provider of the next generation in film and fiche scanning technology, today announced the addition in the USA of the Eclipse 1000 production level rollfilm scanner to its product offerings. Currently, the Eclipse 1000 is introduced for the fastest conversion of letter and legal sized office documents on film, covering the most common office scanning resolution requirements of 200-300 dpi. Future applications suited to the Eclipse 1000 will include additional formats, sizes and optional higher resolutions. One of the most innovative feature enhancements of the Eclipse 1000 is a new light line illumination system, LuminTec, which effectively increases overall image quality, even at very high conversion speeds, without requiring scanning at higher dpi – so no increase in file size. This new lighting technology, created and introduced to film scanners exclusively by nextScan, yields sharper images using only 1/10 of the power consumption (thus diminishing heat generation) of current incandescent illumination systems, resulting in far higher Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of the scanner as a whole.

“As part of the 21st Century Conversion Approach, speed and image quality must be intertwined. Accomplishing faster speeds while improving image quality is essential in this business. The Eclipse 1000 with the entirely new light line technology, LuminTec, is evidence of nextScan’s commitment to continue to deliver the next generation in scanning technology for microfilm and microfiche conversion,” stated Ernesto Pinal, Vice President Sales and Marketing for nextScan. “The Eclipse 1000, combined with our revolutionary NextStar processing software and our proprietary lighting system LuminTec, is the best approach for blazing fast conversion of office documents on film, to make those documents available in a digital format with very high OCR accuracy probability. The Eclipse 1000 can scan at full rated speed with NextStar, and there is no need for rescans as no images are lost with NextStar’s unique “Ribbon Scanning” approach. Taking the technology the extra mile is our introduction of a far advanced light source for amazing image quality. The Eclipse 1000, NextStar and the new light source is a winning combination for users in industries such as government, legal, insurance and conversion services. Also, customers can absolutely expect the same reliability and ease of use with the Eclipse 1000 that is featured in our other rock-solid nextScan products.”

About nextScan
nextScan is a developer of leading edge technology for the micrographics conversion and document management industry. nextScan’s innovative products are designed and built with a simplicity and functionality that aim to increase user production and lower overall cost for scanning film and fiche. nextScan scanners, combined with nextScan’s revolutionary “Ribbon Scanning” software, provide a complete package that far exceeds the functionality and return on investment when compared with other scanners in the market. nextScan scanners have increased production and lowered cost for customers scanning film and fiche, including, Preservation Resources, and iArchives. nextScan is privately held and headquartered in Eagle, ID.

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Eclipse 1000 press release


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