nextScan Introduces the Eclipse Plus High Production Rollfilm Scanner with LuminTec™ Light Line Illumination System

nextScan Introduces the Eclipse Plus High Production Rollfilm Scanner with LuminTec™ Light Line Illumination System

Boise, ID – April 17, 2009

Faster Scanner Throughput and New Standard in Image Quality for Increased OCR accuracy

The Eclipse Plus Rollfilm Scanner incorporates nextScan’s new, exclusive LuminTec™ light line illumination system for even sharper images and delivers the highest scan speeds for production scanning environments. These latest technological developments by nextScan enable optimization of the Eclipse Plus scanner and the many valuable features contained in nextScan’s revolutionary software that accompanies the Eclipse Plus, called NextStar.

The Eclipse Plus with NextStar scans 16 and 35mm microfilm, and is available in two models – the Eclipse 300 Plus and the Eclipse 500 Plus. The Eclipse Plus will comfortably scan 350 pages per minute or 590 pages per minute, depending on the user’s needs and the Eclipse Plus model.

All Eclipse Plus models feature a unique, patented, advanced light line illumination system developed exclusively by nextScan called LuminTec™. LuminTec effectively increases overall image quality, even at very high conversion speeds, without requiring scanning at a higher dpi – so no increase in image file size or loss of capture speed. This new lighting technology yields sharper images using only 1/10 of the power of current incandescent illumination systems, thus diminishing heat generation while improving Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of the scanner as whole. With this new lighting system delivering sharper images, the accuracy of OCR after the scan process is higher than with resulting images from incandescent illumination systems.

The NextStar software that comes exclusively with all Eclipse Plus models incorporates an innovative processing methodology called “Ribbon Scanning”. The Ribbon Scanning feature allows the user to verify that all images are properly captured, and identifies any image detection or density problems. NextStar then allows the operator to correct those issues in a post-scan audit environment. NextStar eliminates the need for rescans, maximizing the Eclipse Plus scanner utilization and productivity. With NextStar’s superior image quality control features, handling any density and filming related issues commonly faced in conversion processes is easy, outputting images that actually match your database.

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